June 23, 2024

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Flash Funds Lite For Fake Bank Alert

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The greatest online tool for direct wire transfers of virtual money to a specific bank account has long been Flash Funds, which is also a very powerful tool in this regard. Some users are unable to distinguish between direct wire transfer (Flash Funds Pro) and fake bank alert (Flash Funds Lite). Below is a detailed explanation of these versions.

For enquiry, click HERE to contact Developer. You can also use the WhatsApp Icon on your screen.

The Flash Funds tool comes in two different versions;

  1. Flash Funds pro (MT103 Direct Deposit)
  2. Flash Funds Lite ( Fake Bank Alert )

It is crucial to NOTE that Flash Funds Lite transactions are exclusively virtual. In other words, the receiver cannot access the monies displayed. As this function is only available to Flash Funds Pro users, Flash Funds Lite transactions however cannot be withdrawn or transferred. Users who want the Withdraw and transfer features should check out the Flash Funds Pro Version

For enquiry, click HERE to contact Developer. You can also use the WhatsApp Icon on your screen.

Flash funds Lite is simply used to distort the firewall of conventional banks. This makes it easy for a user to trigger the firewall of the victims bank to send bank alert to the victim even when no money is received in the actual sense.

The Flash Funds pro is a complete hacking tool and one of the most sort after bank hacking tool in recent times. Read more about the Flash Funds Pro HERE

How does Flash funds Lite Works

Let’s quickly go over everything you need to know about the Flash Funds Lite Tool for those of you who are new here.

Here is a quick case scenario before we go on to the Q&A: Let’s say you Flash the sum of $100,000 to victim, assuming his official account balance was $15,000. When your Flashed Funds hit the victims account, it tops up their amount to $115,000, and the money remains in the victims Ledger Balance for a period of 72 Hours before being wiped out by the victims Bank firewall.

However, there are a few queries you could have, such as “Are Flash Funds Lite transactions transferable?”

Let’s quick answer that.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Is Flashed Funds Withdrawable?

Flash Funds Lite transactions can not be transferred or withdrawn from the recipients account during the said period of 72 hours. This is so because Flash Funds Lite is not MT103 LOG embedded. Users who are interested in Flashing transactable funds should look out the Flash Funds Pro

If You are looking for withdrawable flash funds app, the Flash Funds Pro will serve your purpose. This is the reason a lot of users tag it to be the best fake alert app online.

Is the Funds Transferable


This is possible only with the Flash Funds Pro version. Funds Flashed to eligible countries and banks can be transferred out during the 72hours of the funds being domiciled in the account. It is important to note that 72 hours after this funds are moved out or withdrawn, the recipient account goes deficit. this means negative balance. So we advice against using your personal account for this kind of transaction.

If the explanation above is not clearly defined or if you have more questions to ask in regards to how flash funds works, you can message us privately or do that in the comment section.

How Long can one use this App

Flash Funds got a life time Activation. As soon as your activation is completed, you can continue using the app as long as it remains on your Device.

It’s important to NOTE that the Flash Funds Lite Tool has a balance. If this amount (Balance) is completely depleted, the user must top it up in order to be granted the right to execute more transactions.

For enquiry, click HERE to contact Developer. You can also use the WhatsApp Icon on your screen.

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This is the best service for this tool I have ever found on Internet, you are really doing an awesome job on helping people to get clean understanding and clear picture.
Please keep doing this good work


Thanks for sharing the detailed knowledge. I have a question regarding the statement

“When the beneficiary bank receives the announcement, it might already credit its customer even if the funds (the cover) has not arrived yet.”

As bank is not received the fund (COV has not arrived yet). In that case which Account will be Debited?

Willow Karan

Very Nicely described.

Along with this article, the comment section is equally informative with nice real world problems and clarification.
Great work!